Relais de Chambord, 4* hotel

Chambord France 2018
Wilmotte & Associés - Relais de Chambord, 4* hotel

Technical specifications

Culture et Développement

Assistant to the contracting authority

Project management team
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Architect conservator: Martine Ramat
Executive Project Manager OPC: Chevalier + Guillemot
Coordonnateur SPS: Veritas
Office control: Veritas
Structure & VRD Design Office: 3IA
Fluid Design Office: Millan
Electricity Design Office: Bleuse
Construction économiste : CB Économie
Landscape designer: Architecture et Jardin
Acoustic Designer: Lasa

3,280 sqm

Project schedule 
Start of the construction: February 2016
Project completion: December 2017

Rehabilitation, construction et interior design of the hotel Saint-Michel in Chambord, renamed "Relais de Chambord", to :

- Expande the capacity of the hotel to 55 rooms vs. 40 for now
- Reinforce its attractivity and increase its attendance by proposing a more diversified offer including seminar rooms with capacity of 8 to 40 peoples, a well-being  space, lounges, or terraces.


The site

The hotel is located on the grounds of the Chateau de Chambord, listed as a historical monument and inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, which echoes throughout its history and program, creating an ensemble between the local area and a certain idea luxury.

History of the building

From the outbuilding of the chateau, the main building, occupying the present location of the Hotel Saint-Michel, was transformed from the second third of the 19th century into a guesthouse under the name of "Hôtel Grand Saint-Michel ". Today, the project is part of a vast renovation project launched in the fall of 2013, both contemporary and respectful of the site.

Architectural Party

The exceptional location of the hotel requires to consider both the views within the site but also the perception of the surroundings.
For interior design, the project uses a vocabulary specific to classical gardens in the French style, materialized in particular by the use of floor coverings, such as stabilized or white gravel, or planting hedgerows and boxwood tables.
This classical vocabulary, W & A, also enriches it with more contemporary components, visible for example in the arrangement and choice of furniture, as well as certain details such as the design of the metallic battens that delimit the planted surfaces, The use of certain soil materials.
It should be noted that all the façades of the existing buildings are being renovated according to the specifications of the heritage specifications.

Image gallery

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Wilmotte & Associés - Relais Chambord - Hôtel Saint-Michel 01
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Relais de Chambord l Télématin

Relais de Chambord l France 3 Centre - Val-de-Loire

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