Breus Art Center

Tbilissi, Géorgie


Breus Art Center

Project team

Mandatory architect and museographer: WILMOTTE & ASSOCIÉS
Landascaper: Neveux-Rouyer

Surface area

Floor area: 18.800 sqm
Gardens: 14.000 smq




Refurbishment and extension of the former Mikhailoy Hospital into an art centre

The former Mikhailov Hospital in Tbilisi, Georgia, will be renovated to become the Breus Art Center.

The entrance to the museum is via the building’s monumental façade, opening onto the lobby. This is located in the hospital’s former inner courtyard, between the old brick facades that have been preserved in their original state. It is covered by a large wooden roof, the centre of which is open to a long gap in the axis of the space. Thanks to two adjustable shutters, it is possible to reduce and control the amount of sunlight and light in the space, so that it can be constantly adapted to the needs and desires of visitors or events.

A transverse walkway on the upper floor links the two wings of the building. On either side of the lobby are two auditoriums and large reception rooms.

The museum has a temporary exhibition room and a permanent exhibition room. The temporary exhibition room is a large open space of 1.600 sqm with a ceiling height of 5.80 m. It can be adapted to accommodate a variety of spatial arrangements: remaining in one piece or hosting up to three separate exhibitions.

The permanent exhibition area covers the entire first floor of the old and new buildings, with a surface area of 3.218 sqm and a ceiling height of 6 m in the new building. It is arranged in a loop around the central lobby, enabling visitors to enjoy a continuous tour on the same level.

In the basement is the multimedia show, a large 1270 sqm space that allows every possible installation, from total immersion to the most intimate sound installation. It's a laboratory space dedicated to digital performance.