Allianz Riviera Stadium

Nice, France






VINCI CONSTRUCTION FRANCE via ses filiales Dumez Côte d'Azur, GTM Sud, GTM TP Côte d'Azur, Triverio Construction, Campenon Bernard Sud-Est et Fargeot Lamellé Collé (Société d'Arbonis)

Project Team

Building engineering (stadium) : EGIS BÂTIMENT
Infrastructure engineering : EGIS FRANCE
Regulatory Technical Control: BUREAU VERITAS
Safety coordinator : BUREAU VERITAS
Fire safety systems coordinator : PCA SUD-EST
Engineering office : IOSIS, EGIS


54 000 sq.m
35 000 seats




Construction of a new 36,000-seat stadium, capable of hosting major international competitions.

Located in the heart of the Plaine du Var Eco Valley, classified as an operation of national interest (OIN) in March 2008, the Allianz Riviera stadium is one of the first positive energy stadiums. This flagship project in terms of sustainable development and technical performance hosts international competitions.

The aim was to build a fragment of a city, which is why the stadium was built in the shape of a cauldron, with undulating lines reminiscent of a bird taking flight. The framework is the largest wood/metal framework with radiating geometry ever built. The choice of wood as a structural material is based on two fundamental criteria: its very low carbon footprint and the optimal weight/strength relationship.

The envelope, made of a transparent membrane (ETFE), allows the diffusion of natural light, never dazzling. Between the ETFE and the wood mesh, there is an alternation of light and shadow. The light silhouette of the structure owes much to this membrane, which is detached from the framework by metal struts. Functioning as a protective veil, the membrane sometimes protects, sometimes opens the stadium to its environment.

In the stands, the Wilmotte & Industries design studio designed 35,600 seats to equip the 24 linear kilometres of seating at the Allianz Riviera. The W2® seat is designed to withstand the stresses and strains of a large number of spectators, both sports fans and event-goers. It is available in several versions to meet the different levels of comfort required for different locations (bleachers, VIP stands, press stands, etc.). Produced and assembled in France, the W2® is marketed by Quinette Gallay.

In addition to the sports field, which can be used for sporting events and concerts, the multifunctional stadium has been equipped with 10,000 m2 of reception areas, 44 dressing rooms and 9 private lounges for the organisation of corporate events. Finally, the Allianz Riviera is home to the National Sports Museum, whose scenography was also designed by Wilmotte & Associés.