Daejeon Cultural Centre

Corée du Sud



Project team

Executive Project Architect: SHINWHA

Surface area

9,130 sqm




Construction of a cultural centre of Daejeon.

The project consists of 5 main elements: a theatre, an exhibition space, a studio, offices, and a car park. Each floor of the building is dedicated to a programme element, moving upwards from the most public to the most private level.

Slightly elevated and composed of a triangular plot, the site is visible from afar. Its curved forms soften the environment and breathe new life into the area.
The architectural gesture is deliberately pure. The project is distinguished by the simplicity of its form, cylindrical in nature, with each of the upper levels subtly rotated in relation to the site. The facades are mainly made of glass. The 350-seat multifunctional theatre is the heart of the cultural centre. It is technically designed to accommodate theatre, music, cinema and conferences.

The placement of the building within the site creates two different scales: the public space, a large triangular square accessible by a continuous staircase, is on the scale of the city, and the more intimate private space, nestled between a bamboo forest and the western façade of the centre.