Collège de France

Paris, France



Project team

Architect: WILMOTTE & ASSOCIÉS / Bernard HUET

Surface area

20,000 sqm




Restructuring as part of the major State projects decided by the President of the Republic.

Although the first buildings to be constructed reflected the image of the institution, it has to be said that, over time, successive modifications have blurred the evidence of their initial design. The architectural choices we have made therefore respond to two main criteria: to restore this lost logic and to affirm what has always characterised this place: tradition and innovation.

Combining these two notions, the theme of rootedness is present throughout the project. It is expressed by extending the façades and the existing structure of the building underground, and by restoring the vaults that were obscured by the old configuration. The first phase of work focused on the classical building dating from the late 18th century, whose sober ornamentation has been restored to its original rigour. Its purpose is to bring together all the reception and teaching areas. The aim was to restore the building’s original coherence and functionality.

The overall project also includes restructuring the scientific laboratories located in the buildings erected in the 20th century, as well as renovating the literary libraries on rue du Cardinal Lemoine.