La Plagne Aime 2000

La Plagne, France

Developer, promoter


Team project

Landscaper: INTERSCENE

Surface area

53,000 sqm


Coming soon


Urban project for the resort of La Plagne Aime 2000 around the "Paquebot des neiges" built in 1971 by Michel Bezançon.

Around the New Tourist Unit programme, the aim of this restructuring is to create a benchmark 21st century resort at an altitude of 2,000 m that is attractive, innovative and forward-looking. The project is also designed to position La Plagne Aime 2000 in a top-of-the-range segment, complementing the current offering.

Based on the existing fragmented, scattered and heterogeneous built-up areas, the project follows an urban, architectural and landscape strategy to develop an interconnected site with hierarchical pedestrian and landscape continuities. The station’s landscape is treated in a specific way, with a comb-shaped arrangement of buildings. A peripheral path known as the “Sentier des terrasses” (Terrace Path) opens out onto the valley and links all the major points on the site.

A cornerstone of mountain architecture, solid wood was chosen for the construction of the new buildings (1 hotel, 2 residences). It helps to blend the project into the landscape and offers numerous advantages in terms of construction and respect for the environment.

It's a contemporary project that, following the principle of urban grafting, dialogues with buildings erected 45 years ago. A subtle marriage between technological innovation and the art of living.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte