Terrasses Presqu’Ile

Lyon, France

Contracting authority


Project team

Architect-urban planner: WILMOTTE & ASSOCIÉS
Associated architect: WW Architecture
Architect specialized in civil engineering structure: DVVD
Quantity surveyor, roads and networks engineer: E2CA INGÉNIERIE
Lighting engineer: SPEEG & MICHEL
Water and irrigation engineer: C2I CONSEIL
Impact study and river regulation: REFLEX ENVIRONNEMENT
Landscape architect: NVEUX-ROUYER


2 ha




Development of the Terrasses de la Presqu'Ile in Lyon, 1st and 2nd districts.

The project is located in an exceptional site in the heart of the city of Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The whole site is today discontinuous, heterogeneous and provided with numerous visual obstacles and physical barriers.

The site is currently dominated by a strong car presence and is cut off from the Saone over a large part of its length by the Saint Antoine car park. The whole site is being redeveloped with a homogeneous, uncluttered and calm urban development project with the aim of offering a global vision of the site and giving it back the prestige it deserves. Priorities of use are prioritised by giving space to pedestrians and soft traffic while respecting existing movements. The project is structured around the relationship and weaving between the existing transversal road network of the peninsula and the quays.

By reconsidering public space as a support for harmonious and peaceful community life, the project continues to place the city of Lyon in the dynamic of the contemporary vision of our European cities.