Campus Scipion

Paris, France


GDG Scipion

Project team

Chief Architect of historical monuments: AGENCE PA GATIER
Executive Project Supervisor: GEMO
Structure: BICI
Acoustics: LAMOUREUX

Surface area

Floor area: 7100 sqm
Social residence: 1 100 sqm
Teaching area: 6000 sqm




Refurbishment of the Scipion Sardini town house into buildings dedicated to higher education of collective interest (CINASPIC*), a social residence, and an infrastructure extension.
*CINASPIC: Constructions and Installations Necessary for Public Services or in the Public Interest.

The Hôtel Scipion Sardini, located in the oldest district of Paris, is currently being renovated to become the Campus Scipion. It is characterized by an exceptional heritage setting and offers a unique experience in the heart of a preserved site, with the commitment to be open up to as many people as possible.

Historically a private address reserved exclusively for the privileged inhabitants of the existing buildings, the project plans to install a programme that matches the nobility of the site, while promoting an urban and social mix that respects the heritage. It also ensures the long-term conservation of the property by aligning private interests with the public interest.

It is the embodiment of a new generation of centres for the transmission of knowledge, where the era of mono-functionality is a thing of the past. A truly tailor-made tool, the Campus Scipion programme integrates the conservation of existing residential areas, intended as student and social residences, with the creation of an exceptional education area, occupied by a top-level higher education school.