Grenier à Sel

Avignon, France


Initiative: Arts et Finance
Clients: for the auction house : Maître Jacques Desamais, auctioneer
For the conference rooms: 12 private doctors from Vaucluse

Project Team

Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Site manager: Claude Thomas
Chief architect of historic monuments: Mr Ronserray

Surface area

1730 sqm




Conversion of Avignon's former salt granary (a 16th-century monument with a Louis XV facade) into offices, conference rooms and a public sales room.

This former 16th-century salt granary, entirely classified as a historic monument, is located along the city walls of Avignon, behind the Porte de la Ligne on the banks of the Rhône. The building, initially constructed in 1363, has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The Grenier à Sel was designed to house the department’s auction house and the “Ligne” conference rooms. The complex is laid out over two main levels with partial intermediate levels. Glass partitions and large skylights open to the sky, allowing light to pass through the original sandblasted and bleached timber frame.

Two side staircases lead to the auctioneer’s offices and two mezzanines overlooking the auction rooms. A spacious metal staircase leads up to the raised living room, which rises above the void at the entrance to the auction room. All the furniture and accessories are by Wilmotte.