Prize W

- 2020

Prize W 2023, A roof for all


Foundation W

The Prize W 2023 was open to students and young graduates of architecture schools in the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and Georgia. For this tenth edition, we wanted to add an additional challenge to the concept of rehabilitation, the social aspect oh housing. We have therefore suggested a challenge that is as stimulating as it is essential: A roof for all!

The suggested place typologies have in common that they are sheltered, protected spaces with waterproofed ground. The objective is to create decent housing, achievable at a reasonable cost, in a requalified environment by sliding living volumes under the roofs.


Jury: Olivier Brochet (architect), Thomas Dubuisson (architect), Pauline Polgar (Batiactu), Jean-Pierre Paradzinski (Soprema), Francis Rambert (Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine), Julien Rousseau (architect), Catherine Sabbah (IDHEAL), Marion Waller (Pavillon de l’Arsenal).


Bilingual french / english