Prize W

- 2009

Prize W 2009, Latina (Italy)


Foundation W

The W Prize 2009 proposed to the participants to intervene in the south of Europe, in Latina in Italy, a town of the 30's created ex-nihilo during the reclamation campaign of the Pontine marshes. In the landscape of this city with a history marked by history, the water towers are visible interventions.

The Foundation considered it interesting to propose a reflection on a site beyond the French borders for the first time. Faced with a monumental and strictly usual entity, the competition encouraged inventive approaches and expected the proposal of an artistically strong architectural and landscaped development. Relevance, innovation, technique, feasibility, and the influence of the graft were among the jury’s main selection criteria.


Jury: On. Vincenzo Zaccheo, Mayor of Latina (Italy); Jean-François de Canchy, DRAC Ile-de-France; Mounir Bouchenaki, Director General of ICCROM; Olivier Brochet, architect; Andrea Bruno, architect; Manfred Grohmann, architect-engineer; Jean-Paul Viguier, architect.


Bilingual French / English