Prize W

- 2014

Prize W 2018, Noisy-le-Grand


Foundation W

The particularity of this edition of the W Prize 2018 lies in the openness of the specifications to which young graduates and architecture graduates must respond. The Fort de Villiers, an exemplary witness to concomitant urban and architectural considerations, is the ideal cradle for the Foundation's ambition.

The framework for the integration of the programme was set in the context of the 2024 Olympic Games, without being limited to it. It is this reflection on the evolution of the site’s function, inherent in the building that must be preserved for the most part, that was found in all the projects, mirrors the most current architectural issues.


Jury: Brigitte Marsigny, mayor of Noisy-le-Grand; Pascale Cotte-Morreton, deputy mayor of Noisy-le-Grand; Patrick Cotte, president of the Association for the Safeguarding of Fort de Villiers; Marie-Douce Albert, journalist; Pauline Polgar, editorial director of Batiactu; Olivier Brochet, architect; Julie Rousseau, architect; Andrea Bruno, architect; Anne Demians, architect and professor at the University of Paris-Dauphine; and Saadia Tamelikecht, ABF.


Bilingual French / English