Prize W

- 2006

Prize W 2006, Perigueux


Foundation W

For the first edition of the W Prize, the Foundation turned to a subject with a medieval flavour. Proposed by the city of Perigueux, the Chateau Barriere, with its rich historical layers, raises the issue of the insertion of heritage into the current urban fabric.

Many of the projects presented by the candidates played on this dialectic to their advantage. Working on such an exciting building is a rare opportunity. The competitors’ reflections on the Chateau Barriere had to integrate the constraints of the site, the materials, the spatial aspect and the architectural style.


Jury: Odile Decq, architect; Andrea Bruno, architect; Boris Dramov, architect; Manfred Grohmann, architect-engineer; Mireille Gruber, director of the Ecole de Chaillot; Alain-Charles Perrot, ACMH; Francis Rambert, director of the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine; Jean-Paul viguier, architect.


Bilingual French / English