Prize W

- 2016

Prize W 2016, Pondorly


Foundation W

Bridges over motorways often look derelict. So the Foundation thought it would be exciting to see how young architects could give the Pondorly a new lease of life and make it stand out in the architectural landscape.

The Pondorly is a link between several territories, a signal building. All the actors were unanimous about the need to rehabilitate this place and very enthusiastic about making young architects think about the future of this site. Three projects were named winners and seven received a mention, among 120 projects submitted.


Jury: Olivier Brochet, architect; Pauline Polgar, editorial director of Batiactu; François Cangardel, advisor to the President of Paris Aéroport; Patrick Jeantet, deputy managing director of Paris Aéroport; Thomas Dubuisson, architect; Alexandre Feingold, manager of Metropolis; Stéphane Layani, CEO of Semmaris; Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect and president of the Wilmotte Foundation; Andrea Bruno, architect; Julien Rousseau, architect; Milena Chessa, journalist; Léonard Lassagne, architect.


Bilingual French / English