Prize W

- 2014

Prize W 2014, London


Foundation W

When the Foundation decided to launch the W Prize 2014, after France and Italy, the choice of the United Kingdom was obvious. For this edition, the concept of architectural grafting has been extended to urban grafting. Working alongside a heritage building by integrating new programming to regenerate the surrounding urban fabric.

Forty-one high quality projects around the Tower of London, which can accommodate up to 18,000 visitors a day, emerged, including three winners and eight mentions.


The jury: Heather Hilburn, in charge of the Tower of London site; David Nelson, Head of Design at Foster & Partners; Jay Merrick, architecture critic for The Independent; Cyrille Veran, journalist; Olivier Brochet, architect; Andrea Bruno, architect; and Sergei Tschoban, architect.


Bilingual French / English