Forecourt of Saint-Quentin Basilica

Saint-Quentin, France



Project team

Local architect: TETRAKTYS ATELIER
Landscaper: NEVEUX & ROUYER
Earthworks, roads and utilities: EGIS VILLES & TRANSPORTS
Ligthting: 8’18’’ CONCEPTEUR-LUMIERE
Graphic designer: L’AUTRE IMAGE

Surface area

15,400 sqm


In progress


Redevelopment of the forecourt of the Basilica of Saint-Quentin (Aisne).

The project for the redevelopment of the forecourt of the Basilica of Saint-Quentin is based on the history of the site, traces of the past, archaeological remains and the connection with the urban landscape. It adapts to the functioning of a large commercial centre by offering access to cars while leaving a large space for pedestrians to enjoy a calmer urban encounter.

The landscape and pedestrian grid reinforce this geometric spatial composition. All the trees are planted in the open ground to provide maximum natural cooling in summer and reduce the city’s watering costs. In front of the Basilica’s main entrance, a composition of shrubs takes the form of the emblematic Saint-Quentin labyrinth.

All the elements and materials used in the project have been chosen for their quality and durability. The kerbs of the roads and pedestrian areas are in dark granite to emphasise the design of the development. Pedestrian crossings will be in light-coloured stone, to limit the use of paint. The pavements will be made of traditional black asphalt. Pedestrian areas will be surfaced with custom-made, light-coloured concrete paving to minimise heating of the areas.

The project is based on the architecture of the Basilica. It highlights the buttresses and buttresses as a shadow cast over the Basilica.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte