Forest Hill



WOODEUM ( bâtiments B et G)
ICADE (bâtiment C)

Project Team


Surface area

Floor area B: 5.330 sqm
Floor area C: 4.504 sqm
Floor area G: 4.534 sqm


2023 ( C), 2024 (B and G)


Creation of a residential complex

WILMOTTE & ASSOCIES has designed Buildings B, C and G of the Forest Hill residential complex. Buildings B and G, for which the client is WOODEUM, benefit from the specific characteristics of CLT wood for the structure. On the façades, the graphic interplay of the horizontal and vertical lines of the stone piers, bays, bow windows and successive recesses in the façades highlight the volumetric and architectural qualities of the buildings. These combinations, based on orthogonality, create a diversity of accommodation and a natural complexity.

Building C, for which the client is ICADE, is composed of simple and diverse rectangular forms of contemporary architectural expression. It has a concrete structure with internal insulation that uses the same architectural language as the façades and the same altimetry as buildings B and G. Its roofs are partially planted but not accessible.

This residential project is part of the redevelopment of the Pointe de Trivaux area initiated by the municipality of Meudon. It meets the urban challenges of regenerating this area and enhancing the heritage of the town-planning architect Fernand Pouillon.