- 2023

Wilmotte, Murano


Published following the "Aqua e fogo" (Water and Fire) exhibition, this book presents the glasswork produced in Murano by architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte. It is prefaced by Bruno Racine, writer and director of Palazzo Grassi/Punta della Dogana (Pinault Collection) in Venice, and includes a text by Marzia Scalon, curator of the Centro Studi Vetro at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

Celebrating the unique skills of Venetian glassblowers and craftsmen, the “Vaisseaux” collection created by Wilmotte is a skilful blend of tradition and modernity. The works, inspired by the flasks and alembics in his pharmacist father’s laboratory, were created in the historic workshops of Murano, an island in the Venetian lagoon known the world over for the excellence of its master glassmakers.

Featuring more than 150 illustrations, this book brings together the historic images of Luigi ‘Gigi’ Ferrigno made in Murano in the 50s and 60s with previously unpublished photographs by Alessandra Chemollo and, which initiate a fertile dialogue between eternal Venice and Wilmotte’s creations, in compositions that play with light and reflections. Each of the photographs is an invitation to wander around and discover Venice and Murano, combining architecture and craftsmanship in a quest for beauty and harmony.

Publishing contact: Valérie Valentin