- 15/12/2022 - 09/04/2023

Aqua e Fogo l Water and Fire


Foundation W

The exhibition Aqua e Fogo, Water and Fire, highlights the art of glassmaking through the presentation of objects designed by architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte and the photographic work of Luigi Gigi Ferrigno, known for his work with glass. The exhibition affirms the strength of this traditional art recognized worldwide by presenting the extraordinary work of the master glassmakers of the island of Murano in the field of design and the production of glass objects and lighting.

These objects bear witness to Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s great interest in glass. They also evoke the architect’s childhood memories of watching his father work in the family pharmacy as a child. Indeed, his father had decided to set up his office next to his own in order to keep an eye on him. He spent hours watching his father handle different bottles and vials as he carried out analyses and preparations. “I would spend hours fascinated by the test tubes and ampoules of different shapes, made of clear or dark glass so as not to let the light in. These Murano works are often kept in family collections and passed down from generation to generation.
Lovers of the art of glassmaking are well aware of the value of these unique pieces, which are the result of a long crafting process. Glass is an almost magical material, it embellishes and enriches our interior, it brings us back to the beauty of detail and the rediscovery of continuous change, reflects, modifies and changes what surrounds us.