- 2023

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Design


This 720-page, 1,568-entry catalogue raisonné, edited by Anne Bony, is the first to cover all the furniture and objects created by the French architect, urban planner and designer over the last fifty years. For Jean-Michel Wilmotte, "design, interior architecture and furniture creation are [...] a way of doing architecture". More than an era, Jean-Michel Wilmotte's design is characteristic of a style expressed as much in urban furniture as in the objects that punctuate our daily lives.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s style was established in the mid-1970s and has been confirmed for over forty-five years in an exemplary career. The pages of the catalogue raisonné in this book confirm the repeated signs of a homogeneous, identifiable style, whatever the scale or subject matter. To understand this rigorous approach, one must evoke the great tradition of the French spirit, an art of composition based on a classical rigour with perfect balance, celebrated in the 17th century and inspired by the canons of ancient architecture.

Contact édition : Valérie Valentin