Concours gagné


- 04.03.2024

Winner – Refurbishment of former prison in Riom

Wilmotte & Associés Architectes, in collaboration with heritage architect Nathalie d'Artigues, recently won the competition to redevelop two former prisons in Riom (France). The programme includes the creation of housing, a university, a hotel, a crèche and a home for the elderly.

Integrating the refurbishment of former prison sites into Riom’s urban fabric, in synergy with the Jardins de la Culture and the Pré Madame, represents a major ambition to redefine the north-eastern sector of the historic centre. This project, anchored in the context of Riom Limagne et Volcans, is intended to be a catalyst for change, embracing contemporary mobility, energy efficiency and innovation in housing, while enhancing the rich historical and architectural heritage. This project is conceived as a fundamental step in the process of urban reconfiguration, envisaging a future city that harmonises innovation and tradition.
The sites targeted for renovation, which are emblematic and steeped in history, are at the heart of a plan to develop a mixed neighbourhood, combining housing and business space. The aim is to reconnect with the city’s prison and memorial history, giving the project both a cultural and social dimension. This new area is intended to be a dynamic place to live, encouraging interaction and mutual enrichment between residents, while forging a strong intergenerational bond. The ambition is to create a vibrant central area, fully integrated into the urban fabric and reflecting the city’s future aspirations.

The project is not limited to simple urban renewal; it aims to bring about a profound transformation that will attract new families, while respecting the local identity. By becoming a catalyst for an innovative and circular economy, it transcends its memorial value to weave a link between past and future, between different cultures. In this way, this ambitious project is emerging as an opportunity to strengthen community cohesion and promote sustainable economic development, marking a decisive step towards Riom's future.

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