- 14/12/2019 - 10/05/2020

La Dolce Venezia


Foundation W

Following the success of the "Venice '55/'65" exhibition, which brought together two great photographers Gianni Gardin and Sergio Del Pero and attracted more than 7,000 visitors between 2017 and 2018, the Wilmotte Foundation and Circolo Fotografico la Gondola are renewing their collaboration.

This new exhibition is entitled “La Dolce Venezia”, or “Sweet Venice” in English, and features images and memories that capture the multi-faceted spirit of the City of the Doges, and the beauty of its forms and architecture. Calm and gentle, timeless yet extremely lively, the works selected highlight the constant dialogue between its architectural heritage and the life that inhabits it.

Over thirty photographs from Circolo La Gondola’s photographic archives (which include over 25,000 photographs of post-war Italy) will accompany visitors on their journey. Through works by both well-known and lesser-known artists, the exhibition will shed light on everyday Venetian life, the memories of life and the city that architecture bears witness to; but also on dreams and the future, the gentle contrast between gestures that are undone in an instant and what remains.

Venice, a gentle, calm city that resists all the historical and climatic events that torment it over and over again.


List of exhibited artists: ANTONIAZZI, Aurelio (1929-2014) – BASALDELLA, Etta Lisa (1948) – BOLOGNINI, Gino (1908-1994) – BONZUAN, Mario (1904-1982) – BULLO, Lorenzo (1939-2017) – BULLO, Mario (1939) – CIOL, Elio (1929) – DEL PERO, Sergio (1913 – 1987) – DEL TIN, Toni (1912-1973) – FERRIGNO, Luigi “ Gigi ” (1935) – FORNASIERO, Nino (1923 – ?) – GIACOBBI, Giorgio (1921-2015) – GIOPPO, Piero (1908-2006) – IDI, Renato (1942) – MONTI, Paolo (1908-1982) – PAPINUTTO, LEO (1932-2016) – RESIDORI, Gino (1906-1973) – ROMANO, Angelo (1918-?) – ROSSO, Bruno (1919-2013)