Winery Laurent Perrier




Project Team

Lead architect: WILMOTTE & ASSOCIÉS
Executing contractor: SNC LAVALIN

Surface Area

600 sq.m
Tasting room: 250 sq.m
Winery: 100 sq.m
Grand Gallery: 200 sqm




Creation of a new winery dedicated to the Cuvée Grand Siècle and its tasting room (250 sq.m), renovation of the old concrete cellars (100 sq.m), the lighting of the Grande Galerie (200 sq.m)

On the occasion of its bicentenary, the Laurent Perrier Champagne House, founded in 1812 by André-Michel Pierlot, wished to requalify the tour of the property, as well as its wine-making facilities, in particular by giving a new lease of life to the vinification site of the Cuvée Grand Siècle. This great Champagne House is renowned for its style, which is a blend of freshness, finesse and elegance. It also owes the quality of its wine to its high-tech equipment: stainless steel vats, since the end of the 1950s, and a thermo-regulated vat room, the first to be installed in Champagne.

Designed like a jewel box, the Grand siècle vat house (the first temperature-controlled vat house to be installed in Champagne) has 14 stainless steel vats of 110 hectolitres on either side of the central aisle.
In order to stand out from the dark environment (black walls and ceilings), the double-walled brushed stainless steel vats are placed on a white base made of reconstituted stone: they shine in the half-light to proudly impose their sophistication.
In close collaboration with the company Pierre Guérin Technologies, these tanks have been entirely redesigned in order to conceal the unsightly connections and simplify their shape. The visitor ends his journey in the tasting room.
This minimalist room uses the black and silver harmonies of the vat room, reminiscent of the Grand Siècle magnums’ label.