The Wall for Peace

Paris, France


Association Mur pour la Paix

Project team


Surface area

117 sqm

Specific features

Length: 16,40 m
Width: 13,80 m
Height: 9 m


Metal framework clad in wood, stainless steel and glass.
The Wall rests on a wooden step.




Creation of a monument to peace

The Wall for Peace was erected in 2000 on the Champs de Mars, between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire. Initially intended to remain there for only six months, it will not be moved until 2020 to make way for the Grand Palais Ephémère.

We are constantly confronted with symbols of war and monuments to the dead. Conversely, signs of peace are lacking. Jean-Michel Wilmotte and the artist Clara Halter have joined forces to build the Wall for Peace, based on this observation and the desire to counter the heaviness and mass of martial buildings.

Made of glass and an almost invisible metal structure, this transparent monument lets the light and the gaze pass through it. It displays the word “peace” written in forty-nine languages for all to see, in one of the most emblematic places in Paris. It allows visitors to leave messages of peace, just like the Wailing Wall.


The project has been designed from a sustainable perspective to meet the urban challenges of the future: reducing environmental impact, risks and nuisances, rainwater management, biodiversity, permeable soil and natural ventilation.