Cap d'Agde


Kaufman & Broad

Project Team

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés
Structure : Thesis Groupe
Controle Office : SOCOTEC
Landscaper : Neveux-Rouyer

Surface area

Surface area in total : 27 000 m²
First part : 17 000 m² + 11 000 m² outdoor space
Second part: 10 000 m² + 3 350 m² outdoor space


2022 (T1)
2023 (T2)


Reconversion of the entrance to Cap d'Agde through the construction of four circular mixed-use buildings and landscaping.

The ICONIC development programme aims to create a new development hub, strategically positioned to become the gateway to Cap d'Agde.

The programme consists of major leisure and entertainment facilities (convention centre and casino), the resort’s Welcome Bubble, a hotel structure, residential accommodation and shops, as well as additional parking and surface facilities. These four cylindrical buildings create a central axis connected to the port, creating a veritable green arena.

Fluid and based on a circular shape with tree-lined terraces, their form avoids overlooking and allows the eye to always find a distant horizon. The architectural design provides transparency across the entire site and organises the convergence of neighbouring districts towards the Casino Mall. It creates a unique urban and architectural landscape that enhances the entrance to the town by highlighting the flora and fauna, punctuated by species and trees typical of the region.