- 12.01.2023-02.28.2024

Venezia Bianca


Foundation W

Celebrating Venice under the snow, the Wilmotte Foundation, in collaboration with the Circolo Fotografico la Gondola and the Archives of the Querini Stampalia Foundation - for the Luigi Ferrigno collection - is presenting 49 black and white images entitled "Venezia bianca".

In Venice, snow is literally an extraordinary event. It transforms the Serenissima and its many liquid ramifications into a fascinating landscape, often ephemeral as it is quickly 'erased' by the lagoon climate. When it snows, the snowflakes slowly descend on the city and its canals, diffusing the soft, diaphanous light of the winter sun. The moored gondolas are dressed in blankets of brilliant snow, just as the roofs of the palaces and the bridges become magical, luminous walkways. Only the soft, dull sound of footsteps in the snow breaks the silence of the city. As for the Grand Canal, it becomes a ribbon of silver winding through the centuries-old architecture. It's a suspended moment... the delicate snow marries the beauty of Venice, creating an unforgettable scene.

The exhibition, conceived as a photographic journey, is divided into three main themes: Piazza San Marco, the gondolas and the people. Here, for example, we see mocking children having snowball fights, a memory that will live with them forever.


In these images of Venice, residents and visitors mingle, and each step leaves a dark imprint in this white tide. This collection of photographs pays tribute to the eternal beauty of the Serenissima, and to its metamorphoses. They bear witness to its resilience in the face of the vagaries of nature.