As part of a collaboration between the French Embassy, the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade and WILLMOTE & ASSOCIES, we are delighted to welcome three exceptional Serbian interns for six months! This opportunity will enable these talented young people to benefit from a unique experience by immersing themselves in excellent know-how. A first that could well be repeated in the future.

  • Ana Markovic : “My internship at Wilmotte has been being an amazing introduction to my career. The support and guidance from my colleagues have been outstanding, allowing me to grow and learn every day. I’m especially thankful for the chance to work on meaningful projects and for the nurturing environment that’s helping me grow. I believe that this experience will be an incredible learning journey that will lay a solid foundation for my future.”


  • Lazar Zikic : “A great environment challenges us to become better. Everyday life and the contexts in which we immerse ourselves shape our thoughts, ideas, and the things we produce; ultimately, they shape us. Guided by these principles, I had no hesitation in pursuing an internship at Wilmotte & Associés, thus affording myself the opportunity to be in an environment full of potential and growth, for which I am truly grateful.”


  • Vedrana Donic : “Internship at Wilmotte & Associés Architectes is an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired at the university through work on interesting projects in creative teams. The project I am working on allows me to find new methods for obtaining interesting solutions through constant research. The environment and the colleagues I am working with are very pleasant and the exchanging of ideas and variety of proposals is what contributes the most to the quality of work. I’m very grateful that I got the opportunity to work on spreading my knowledge in a firm like Wilmotte & Associés Architectes and I’m very glad that, with the previously acquired knowledge, I can contribute to the team on the projects I’m working on.”

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