Concours gagné

- 04.18.2024

Winner -New Rabat racecourse

Wilmotte & Associés, in a consortium with Said Berrada, wins the competition for the future Rabat racecourse.

As the venue for future national and international races, the new Rabat racecourse will be a beacon for horse racing in North Africa. Its unique architectural signature will be a new star for the City of Light. With its grandstand, an iconic building with a line as taut as a thoroughbred’s muscles, the Kingdom of Morocco will leave its mark on the equestrian world. Like a breath of air at the passage of a gallop, the sculptural and kinetic expression of the pure lines of the “Tribune” building will affirm a royal passion and the popular affection of an entire people.

The transparency of the building, combined with the lightness of its architectural expression, makes it an emblem of the kingdom's metamorphosis. This project symbolizes all the objectives, goals, wishes and aspirations of a country that embodies development, progress, growth and influence.