Yacht M40





Surface area

465 sqm




Designing a yacht.

The M40 is the result of an exceptional collaboration between Hermidas Atabeyki and architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. It represents a revolutionary step forward in the yachting industry. This innovative concept, combining the timeless elegance of a sailing yacht with the modern power of an hybrid motor yacht, redefines the way we think about sea travel.

The M40, a 40-meter-long masterpiece, embodies the ultimate in elegance and comfort. It is powered by two small engines, each rated at 500 hp, and its sails enable cruising speeds of up to 12 knots. Its spacious cabins, ranging from 25m² to 45m², with ceiling heights rarely seen on a boat, offer exceptional living space. The M40 pushes the limits of comfort at sea.

The M40 stands out for its innovation and commitment to the environment. Its hybrid engine, combining a rechargeable electric motor and an internal combustion engine, reduces fuel consumption while retaining a certain amount of power. Photovoltaic panels integrated into the sails store solar energy, while air inlets located along the two masts capture and store wind energy while cooling the interior spaces.