- 18TH NOVEMBER 2023

Opening – Loiret Departmental Archives



Saturday 18th November marked a significant moment for the Loiret Department, with the long-awaited inauguration of its new building housing the Departmental Archives. The building represents a major milestone in the preservation and enhancement of the department's heritage, consolidating the archives that were previously scattered across three ageing buildings.

The decision to build this modern facility is part of an approach to rationalising and preserving the memory of the Loiret region. The building, located in the north of Orléans, was strategically chosen, accessible by tram and close to major transport routes. This location also ensures that the building blends harmoniously into a changing and expanding neighbourhood, becoming part of the social and urban fabric.

This inauguration marks the start of a new era for the Loiret Departmental Archives, providing a modern, functional showcase for the memory of the region. Much more than a simple storage facility, this building is a major cultural player, open to present and future generations. It embodies the Loiret department’s desire to preserve its history while contributing to the cultural development of its community.

With a height of almost 35 metres, the building symbolically evokes the stacking and accumulation of works within its volumes. The clear objective is to present a contemporary and dynamic architecture, emphasising the volumetry, the design of the façades and the integration of plants. All this is achieved in harmony with current and future uses. In an approach that favours bio-sourced materials, wood predominates, giving the project a contemporary character while respecting the ecological dimension.

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