Hennessy Museum



JAS Hennessy & Co
Contracting authority support: Georges V Industries

Project management team

Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Partner architect: Henri Boutin
Structure: CICS
Fluids engineer: Barbanel

Surface area

5 500 sqm
3 760 sqm of creation




Refurbishment and arrangement of the Hennessy House in Cognac. Creation of an extension on the site of the old bottle rinsing room.

This project involves the refurbishment and the arrangement of the Maison Hennessy in the town of Cognac, as well as the creation of an extension on the site of the old bottle rinsing plant.

The contemporary implementation of the project takes its inspiration from the scale and typology of the façade, as well as the materials used in the surrounding buildings. The design of a massive facade made up of vertical mineral elements is the result of a rigorous observation of traditional facades. The base of the building, a stone plinth, is lightened by glass blocks that open up the museum to the landscape.

In the new building, the museography is based around a core of two projection rooms. A gentle slope, along which the history and culture of the house are presented, guides visitors to the first floor, where they can enjoy a panoramic view of the river. A gallery overlooking the hall leads to the reception rooms and the two cinema rooms. On the lower level, an area is reserved for the presentation of Hennessy products.