Technical specifications

Client : Concepts et Distribution

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA

Area : 7,000 m²


Programme :
Construction of a new shopping centre.

Presentation :
The project site is located within the urban community of Choletais in the Commune of La Séguinière, and adjoins the Ménardière business park. The project consists of 38 commercial units articulated around a 'cloister' – a large interior garden measuring approximately 50 m by 125 m. This area is not only a place of relaxation and active life, but also a privileged commercial activity area towards which all shop windows are turned. At its centre, a pond edged by medium-height trees contributes an attractive and playful aspect. This 'water mirror' serves as a cover for a water storage reservoir below.
Each commercial unit, which are of varying sizes, is identifiable by its signage but also by its facade type. Three families of cladding were chosen: a glazed facade for small-sized units, a wooden facade for medium-sized units, and a metal facade for large units. The coherence, unity, and relationship between all of the units is, however, provided by the external volume of the roof and side elevations clad with black lacquered metal.
A perimeter pergola also contributes to this welding, this 'unification', and allows customers to walk sheltered from the vagaries of sun or weather.
To the north, a large glazed area in the central part of the complex forms the main access in the form of a covered but open street onto which open the smaller-sized shops.
Main access is effected in the north-western part of the site, in connection with the proposed new roundabout, and can serve a total of 439 parking spaces, including 10 dedicated to persons of reduced mobility. An access is planned to the east on Rue de Vendée. A road with controlled access, accessible to security vehicles, gives access to 74 staff parking places plus delivery areas. These car parks have a surface of stabilised stone chippings and are abundantly planted with poplars.

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