IUT 2 (University Institute of Technology 2)

Auxerre France 1996
Wilmotte & Associés - IUT 2 (University Institute of Technology 2)

Technical specifications

Client : SEM 69

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associate architects : Roland Jehl
Engineer : OTH

Area : 2,500 m²


Programme :
Construction of the University Institute of Technology in Auxerre, consisting of two buildings.

Project Presentation
The first department of the IUT in Auxerre was opened in September 1993. Following a selection process, the design of the second department, carried out in 1996, was also entrusted to Wilmotte & Associés SA in partnership with Roland Jehl. In order to best integrate the second Auxerre IUT Production Organisation and Engineering department into the surrounding landscape, a building on pilotis, as used for the first construction, was opted for. Located on the banks of the Yonne, it takes into account the flood risk constraints of the river's floodplain.
The cleared area accommodates parking for two- and four-wheel vehicles. The overall master plan is organised around a central plaza (the Forum) serving the existing D1 first department, the D2 department, and takes into account the central department block and department D3. Of rectangular form, the building is articulated from a central reception area that leads to wide walkways serving all of the teaching spaces across three levels. The building, with its long horizontal glazed bands, picks up the architectural modelling and elevational principals of the first department. The principle of building on pilotis ensures the protection of the classrooms and their equipment.
The contemporary architecture, intended to be very restrained, has been translated in white architectural concrete, glass and aluminium. Optimisation of natural daylight was taken into account to ensure best conditions for study and work in both classrooms and circulation areas. Starting from a footbridge that connects the central area to the reception lobby – a real artery of life – the ground floor is home to administration, common areas, cafeteria, 'undesignated' rooms, and some of the specialised rooms. Located at garden level, the technology hall is visible from the ground floor.

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