DecouVertes - Centre commercial + ferme pédagogique

Ezanville France 2017
Wilmotte & Associés - DecouVertes - Centre commercial + ferme pédagogique

Technical specifications

Targeted certification

BREEAM Very Good + setting up green areas with signs


Launch of studies and marketing: 2016
Start of work: 2017
Aperture: 2020 at its core




Construction of a new kind of Commercial Centre, with a teaching farm at its core.

On 20 hectares:
• A farmhouse of 800 m² + 12,500 m² of outdoor space
• Commercial space of 69,000 m² (55,000 m² for Unit 1 and 14,000 m² for Unit 2)

The site

The project is being developed in the commercial area of ​​Val d'Ezanville, on the edge of RD 301.

The architectural project

The W & A project aims to rationalise the traffic flow in order to optimize customer comfort, maximize the visibility of the complex and enhance the impression of lightness, but also to enter into coherence with the farm at the heart of the compound. This creates a synergy between the two programs that normally would not associate with each other.
Thus, many green roofs are placed on the buildings surrounding the farm, real surfaces of open ground in which one finds trees cultivated by Gally. Also, the linear arrangement of the buildings is broken in order to create a distortion in the landscape that contributes to keep vehicles away from the pedestrian footpath.

An exemplary project

DécouVertes is a quasi-autonomous ecosystem with a low environmental footprint.

• Suds dealing with  runoff water use the natural principle of phyto-purification (depollution by plants);
• Watering needs are self-satisfied through the recovery of rainwater;
• On-roof photovoltaic panels supply the ambient lighting of the mall, the car park and the envelope at the end of the day;
• Shared composts are used for the maintenance of green spaces.
• The design of the landscaped areas is based on the principles of green and blue patterns, respect for ecological corridors, essential links to movements and the development of fauna and flora.

In addition :

• Priority is given to natural light and its control.
• Insulation to be efficient and controlled: mechanical ventilation with heat recovery as well as natural ventilation by thermal draft are put in place
• A large roof is equipped with photovoltaic panels while others are green roofs.