Kaliningrad Stadium

Kaliningrad RUSSIA 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Kaliningrad Stadium

Technical specifications

Client : Kaliningrad Region and Russia Federation

Partners : NPO Mostovik / Mersfor Rus OOO
Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Heating consultant : Transsolar
Structural consultant : Bollinger & Grohmann
Scenography : Scene

Area : 50 000 m² + 220 hectares


Programme :
Design of the Kaliningrad Stadium for the 2018 World Cup and development of 220 hectares on October Island.

Description :
Wilmotte & Associés SA designed an urban stadium with orthogonal facades in keeping with its tightly knit context. The construction principle is based on a steel structure with a temporary upper structure: after 2018, the upper stands will be disassembled and the roof lowered. A flat operable roof is to be installed to provide this new stadium with the maximum flexibility to accommodate all event types (concerts, meetings, and various sports).
For the FIFA configuration (45,000 seats), the stadium zone covers 22 hectares including the entire associated World Cup infrastructure (residential village, media centre, etc.). Upon completion of the international competition, this zone will be reduced to the stadium itself set within its urban setting.
The stadium and its development will be the centrepiece of the new master plan of October Island, a site located in the centre of town, bordered by two arms of the same river: the Old Pregolya and the New Pregolya.
Wilmotte & Associés SA took advantage of the proximity of the water to develop a network of canals (also technically required for land management); these give the area a strong identity. An artificial lake and a 100-boat marina will also be created. In addition, the French firm reintroduced vegetation on the island along two axes, in the form of a cross. The main axis (which is longer and runs east-west) extends the green zones right up to the cathedral. The secondary north-south axis connects to the old fortifications. Along with the canals and landscaping, a new transportation infrastructure is being proposed for the island. This will include a vehicular suspension bridge which provides rapid connections to the surrounding area.

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