Château Pedesclaux

Pauillac France 2015
Wilmotte & Associés - Château Pedesclaux

Technical specifications

Client : Domaine Château Pedesclaux

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés
Local architect : BPM Architectes
Technical consultant : Egis Bâtiment Sud Ouest
Process consultant : Ingerop
SCMC : GM Qualité
Technical inspection agency :
Health & safety coordinator : Socotec

Area : 8000 m²


Creation of a winery and expansion of an entrance pavilion.

As part of modernising the winemaking process at the Château Pedesclaux, the project aims to restore production to the heart of the estate through a high performance building that blends in with its surroundings and the Château.
The new structures include the fermenting room, the wine storehouse, and the storage shed for farm equipment. With the exception of the Château, all the existing buildings on the site were demolished. Some of the vines were also removed.
Only the fermentation room is open to view, with the storehouse, the cellar, and the storage shed below grade. The structures rest on a stone-faced base that supports the fermentation room while concealing the wine storehouse and the storage shed.
The Château was expanded, with the entrance preserved, but reoriented towards the fermentation building.
All the buildings have roof terraces, including the side additions of the Château; the central part of the Château however retains its slate roof.

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