Station F (Halle Freyssinet) - World's biggest startup campus

Paris France 2017
Wilmotte & Associés - Station F (Halle Freyssinet) - World's biggest startup campus

Technical specifications

SDECN (Xavier Niel)
Assistant to the Contracting Authority: REDMAN

Planning authority : SEMAPA
Paysagiste : D'ICI LA
Architectes : MOM
Concepteur lumière : COUP D'ECLAT

Project management team
Architect of Historic Buildings: 2B2M
Structural Engineering: MIZRAHI
Façade Engineering: ARCORA
Sustainability Engineering: TRANSSOLAR
Fluids Engineering: BARBANEL
Acoustic Engineering: LASA
Construction Management (OPC): CICAD
Quantity Surveyor: GLEEDS

Facts & Figures
Net floor Area: 34,034 sq.m.
310 meters long x 58 meters wide
3 parallel naves, featuring slender pre-stressed concrete arches that
in places are thinner than 5cm along the roofline
3 distinct parts: meeting/forum/event space including a « Fab Lab »,
an auditorium, start-ups’ work space and a 24/24 restaurant
Transformation of the surrounding areas (digital window displays,
shops, north-facing esplanade, south-facing landscaped garden, etc.)
3,036 work stations.


The Halle Freyssinet was designed between 1927 and 1929 by the engineer Eugène Freyssinet and is an outstanding building made of pre-stressed concrete.
The load-bearing structure is exceptionally light thanks to an innovative technique used to apply the concrete. As a result of this original feature the Halle Freyssinet was listed as a Historical Monument in 2012.

The building was initially conceived as a transshipment hub for trains and trucks and was connected to the railway network of Austerlitz station in Paris. Today, it sits in the Paris Rive Gauche urban renewal area, just by the French national library in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Measuring 310 meters long and 58 meters wide, Station F is primarily composed of three parallel naves, featuring slender pre-stressed concrete arches that in places are thinner than 5cm along the roofline. It also has overhangs suspended over the sides of the building, which act as a counterweight and contribute to the overall structural finesse. This optimizes the concrete frame and gives the building its strong, powerful lines.

The building is subdivided into three distinct parts, each of which will have its own specific identity:

• Share : in continuation of the large paved esplanade, the forum for meeting up and sharing digital skills and technology, will notably welcome a « Fab Lab » (with freely accessible 3D printers), a 370-seat auditorium, and rooms for meetings between the young digital entrepreuneurs and their potential external partners (such as lawyers, bankers, investors, advisors, and so on).

• Create : the heart of the building is dedicated the startups’ work space. The central nave is a multi-functional and community space, while the side naves homes to all of the startups’ functional aspects in the form of 24 “villages” (8 per level). Each village is unique and welcome various services (kitchens, Skype box, meeting rooms, and so on). The shared working spaces is an open-plan and equipped with modular and connected tables.

• Chill : the back area will house a multi-functional restaurant that will be open 24 hours a day. This area will be open onto the neighbourhood thanks to a south-facing terrace with views over a tiered garden. The restaurant will open by the end of the year.

These main areas are crossed by two covered urban passageways, which act as digital window displays, that showcase the digital innovations. Those passageways aim at forging a strong urban link between two districts that are currently separated from one another by railway lines.
The renewed Halle Freyssinet will be opened up and made a true part of the neighborhood thanks to a complete transformation of the surrounding areas. As well as the esplanade on the north side of the building and the tiered garden to the south, two new side roads have been designed, with a focus on pedestrians and greenery. These roads will be lined with shops to both attract local residents and promoting exchanges with the 3,000 young startups workers who will continiously inhabit the digital incubator.


Click on this weblink to download the press kit in French and English : Station F press kit


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Station F/La Halle Freyssinet en 2017