EPADESA Corporate Headquarters

Nanterre France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - EPADESA Corporate Headquarters

Technical specifications

Client: BNP Paribas group, Meunier Immobilier d’entreprise (commercial property development)

Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
HVAC consultant: Gesys Ingénierie
Structural consultant: Khephren Ingénierie
Construction cost consultant: George Ventre Ingénierie Conseil
HEQ: RFR éléments

Area: 15 000 m2
Award: 2012 Pyramides d’argent Ile-de-France commercial real estate prize Low Energy Building THPE EnR2005


Construction of offices on Place de la Croisée in Nanterre to accommodate a portion of the EPADESA headquarters.


The City of Nanterre developed an urban plan to remediate a large brownfield site in front of the Centre Administratif Départemental departmental administrative centre.
In developing the ZAC Seine-Arche urban regeneration zone, the city and EPADESA prioritised establishing an urban fabric across public spaces, streets, terraces, gardens, and landscaping. The "The Terraces of Nanterre" urban plan calls for 17 identical beds spaced regularly along a promenade running from the base of the Arche de la Défense to the Seine.
The Îlot de la Croisée building plays a special role in this urban plan. Located in the North enclave of the Place de la Croisée, it marks the end of the promenade and provides a response to two major regional roads. The project includes approximately 15,000 m² NFA of offices on seven floors, with a staff restaurant on the ground floor, and two levels of parking. The different elevations and complex geometry of the site led to the design of a compact building that maximises capacity while respecting its neighbours. The building is a unique metal monolith separated from its base by a transparent band encircling the entire ground floor. This base partially encloses the two mechanical floors and is built into the landscape at different elevations. It is an HEQ project, classified as a Low Energy Building THPE EnR2005. The design of the facade was especially important since it constitutes the link between the inside and outside; it also plays a vital role in the project's environmental strategy by maximising natural light to the interior without depriving neighbouring buildings of sunlight.

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