KyungkiDo Republic of Korea 2005
Wilmotte & Associés - Pangyo

Technical specifications

Client : I.B. Housing

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associate architects and engineers : Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers
Landscape architect : Neveux Rouyer

Area : 7,000 m²


Programme :
Construction of a residential complex of 36 luxury apartments and basement car park.

Presentation :
The project consists of seven buildings, each of four floors, plus basement car par. It also has a fitness room and a guard post for access control.
The car park consists of a large driveway providing two sides of parking. It opens on either side of the parking area onto a bamboo garden on the same level. Car park lighting and ventilation are provided naturally by the bamboo gardens.
Once having left your car in the car park, you pass through a series of experiences each very different from the other. The first is a sunken bamboo garden. The second an ascent into the air by means of a fully-glazed lift. The view opens onto the landscape of the garden.
During the ascent, you follow a wall of water generated by the overflow of a pond in which some of the buildings are set. Having arrived at your floor, you reach your apartment by means of a footbridge which is open onto the garden.
Each dwelling in the residential complex is a villa set in a garden. Only the parts necessary for the operation of the complex are communal, such as the car park and the fitness room. Some apartments are accessible from a small private garden loggia.
All the apartments are open onto the garden and landscaping. The day rooms have large, full-height windows, which can be blacked out by means of internal blinds. On all floors, the garden vegetation is in direct contact with the apartments. Visitor access is on foot from the guard post by a large walkway of black bricks. This walkway overlooks the bamboo gardens of the car park. It is also used for removals and deliveries. From the main walkway, it is possible to reach the large birch tree garden to the south of the buildings. To reach it, you cross the pond via a succession of black stone slabs.

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