Rueil-Malmaison France 2014
Wilmotte & Associés - Art&Fact

Technical specifications

Client : Bouygues Immobilier et BNP Immobilier

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Landscape : Neveux & Rouyer
Structure : Kephren
HVAC : Barbanel
Facades : Interfaces

Area : 32 000 m²


Programme :
Design of two seven-floor office buildings, including 517 parking spaces and two smart grids.

Description :
Treated as a single property, the design actually brings together two office buildings, each one independent and distinct.
The entire property is seven storeys high at its tallest point.
The design is based on the juxtaposition of slender tubular volumes; the volumes are of varying dimensions, as are their positions relative to the datum grade, with some starting two floors up and others at grade. This architectural device manages to break down the overall volume into sub-volumes, reducing the scale and visual impact of this huge complex without detracting from the design’s effectiveness, efficiency, and versatility. The long slender tubes energise the lines of the overall building and give it horizontal structure. The tall narrow, brick volumes punctuate the pedestrian walkway. Each of the two lots has a large interior patio which floods the heart of the project with natural light, including the work spaces, lobbies, and the main stairs. To emphasise the tubular effect, the main north and south elevations of each volume are in brick; in contrast, the facades facing the public spaces and those with protected exposure (to the north-east and north-west) are largely glazed; this is to highlight the work going on within the offices as well as to create a visual connection with the major public spaces in the district.

Image gallery

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