Chambord Country Club

La Ferté-Saint-Cyr France 2016
Wilmotte & Associés - Chambord Country Club

Technical specifications

Client : Chambord Nature Passion

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Construction cost consultant : Bonnard & Gardel
Landscape : Neveux-Rouyer
Conception du golf : Nicklaus Design
Planner : Synchrone-Cite

Area : 400-hectare site
Built area : 110 000 m²


Programme :
Development of a 400-hectare site, including: a farm; an organic garden; a sports centre including 16 tennis courts; a health centre with shops, and reception, and relaxation activities; a 4*, 70-room hotel and hotel residences; a gourmet restaurant; a golf clubhouse, a nursery; a 27-hole golf course; an equestrian centre with 60 boxes; and 550 residences from 110 to 280 m².

Description :
The Pommereaux estate extends across 400 hectares of forest, ponds, fields, and meadows. The project is part of a local development plan to preserve local values and resources:

- Site development is designed to celebrate and preserve environmental heritage. There is widespread use of new technologies associated with sustainable development, including on-site circulation (electric cars, bicycle paths, etc.).

- The project actively participates in the revitalisation of a rural area. Today, the site is home to intensive agriculture (which is in decline), which consumes massive amounts of water and chemicals while only providing a dozen or so jobs.
- The project offers a wide range of educational programmes and family activities including: discovering biodiversity, the nursery, the market, gardening and farming programmes, the forest system, using a bread oven, horse riding, golf, and health and fitness through various sport activities.
The Chambord Country Club offers many different activities for families to explore. The Chambord Country Club's activities and infrastructure diversify the tourist offering and increase capacity, strengthening the region's tourist draw. The wide range of locally available courses and facilities (Ganay Golf, Bordes Golf, etc.) will offer a first-class tourist and sports attraction.

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