Release in bookstores: From the halle Freyssinet to Station F

Wilmotte & Associés - Livre Station F - Fév 2018

This book tells the story of a rebirth, the one of the halle Freyssinet into the world's biggest startup campus, Station F!

In 1929, Eugène Freyssinet built for the messageries d'Orléans an exceptional building, the longest building built in Paris, able to house within it whole trains of goods. A huge and innovative building that uses state-of-the-art construction techniques.
In 2017, this shed is coming back to life to host the world's biggest startup campus: Station F. It was therefore necessary to completely rethink the building to adapt to its new functions while respecting the spirit of its design. A rehabilitation - led by Jean-Michel Wilmotte - that uses the most innovative techniques, a regeneration that links history and modernity, heritage and new technologies. This book is the story of this transformation.


Publisher: Alternatives
Author: Michèle Leloup
160 paperback pages
19.5 x 25.5 cm
Available in bookstores: 15/02/2018
Price: 32 €


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