The “Art in progress by Leonora Hamill” exhibition

Wilmotte & Associés - The “Art in progress by Leonora Hamill” exhibition

Since 2009, Leonora Hamill has been travelling the world in search of art schools. In Cuba, Spain, Morocco, France, Germany, Poland, India, Vietnam, everywhere she could, the conceptual photographer made her home. Now she presents the results of her work under the title 'Art in Progress'. Faithful to capturing reality – Leonora Hamill allows herself no interventions, neither during the shoot nor at the printing stages –, she takes time to frame her shot, to use the space to create a spatial structure.
The photographs on this site have been reproduced with the kind permission of Leonora Hamill.

Wilmotte & Associés - Sculpture 3
Wilmotte & Associés - Sculpture 1
Wilmotte & Associés - Sculpture2